Our Family of Companies

LiveWell Group is a vertically integrated organization bringing decades of experience to the development and management of multifamily residential and commercial properties in the greater Capital Region through its group of affiliated subsidiaries.


LiveWell Brokerage has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate services, including acquisitions and dispositions.

LiveWell Group’s property marketing, site selection and real estate development activities are carried out by LiveWell Brokerage, where our professionals approach projects with an integrated and long-term perspective. By effectively navigating the municipal, zoning, infrastructure, and public utility elements of its projects, LiveWell Brokerage supports LiveWell Group’s development of residential subdivisions, commercial offices, and multifamily holdings.


LiveWell Construction is a full-service construction management provider with an emphasis on safety, quality, and sustainability.

LiveWell Group’s site development and construction operations are facilitated by LiveWell Construction, which is responsible for all aspects of the construction process from inception to completion. With an emphasis on sustainable construction practices and well-established vendor and subcontractor relationships, LiveWell Construction has successfully completed construction of several communities in the Capital Region.


LiveWell Communities is at the core of LiveWell Group’s mission to promote lifestyle, wellness, and sustainability across its portfolio.

LiveWell Group’s property management division operates as LiveWell Communities and is committed to providing residents with safe and healthy living environments. In addition to superior property management that provides 24/7 maintenance, landscaping services, and snow removal, LiveWell Communities offers residents ample lifestyle offerings dedicated to their wellness and a stress-free residential living experience.


LiveWell Energy provides clean and affordable community solar energy to residents of LiveWell Communities.

LiveWell Group’s proprietary community distributed generation platform is owned and operated by LiveWell Energy and is the centerpiece of a company-wide sustainability initiative that includes installation of EV-charging stations and electrification of heating systems throughout our communities. Planned for construction and interconnection in 2024, LiveWell Energy’s community solar program is scaled to support electrical demand across LiveWell Group’s entire portfolio and is central to its goal of achieving operational carbon neutrality.

To learn more about enrolling in this community solar program, click here.

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